Blizzard Bag

Happy Blizzard Bag Day 2/7/17!

 *Read articles (see post page)*

Please practice your most recent vocabulary list on the Quizlet tab.  Listen to the words by clicking on the speaker icon then repeat them aloud.  Take a self test using at least 20 words. (30 minutes)

Write a dialogue in FRENCH of at least 10 lines between you and a friend using vocabulary and expressions from the Bienvenue 1 list.
Create a google doc for your dialogue and share it with me. (15 minutes)

Illustrate the dialogue above by drawing a comic strip with stick figures on a separate piece of paper and be prepared to share it in groups with the class tomorrow. (30 minutes)

Practice and memorize your answers for the speaking assessment on Thursday (you will not use your papers on Thursday because you can do it!)  Record if possible using a device at home, listen to yourself and repeat. (15 minutes)

We will have our vocabulary quiz on Wednesday and Speaking Assessments on Thursday as planned.

 Any questions please email Mrs. Garry at

 A demain!
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Blizzard Bag - Les animaux


    • Create a Google Doc (or you can do this on a piece of paper), title it "français 1 - YOUR NAME", and share it with me. Type all of your answers in that doc.
    • STEP 1 - Review this vocabulary list of  farm animals in French. Click on the sound icon to hear how it is pronounced and repeat the words. (5 minutes)
    • STEP 2 - Create your own "photo-vocabulary list" (example) for the 19 animals from the list. Use Google Images and drag images into a Google Doc (or you can draw and label the animals on a piece of paper or you can make a Google Presentation). If you search images, do the search in FRENCH. Type the word and then place a picture below. (10-15 minutes)
    • STEP 3 - Farm foods-make a list of 6 animals in French and tell (in FRENCH) what foods we enjoy that come from that animal. Example:  la poule=les oeufs
    • STEP 4 - Go back to the Quizlet set of animaux vocabulary and play a practice game online. Say the words after you hear them. (10-15 minutes)
    • STEP 5 - Animal Sounds - Watch the video at the top of the page and write (in English) what each of these animals are. Then, watch it again and write the "sound" that each animal makes "in French". You might have to watch it and pause is several times. See the example below:  (15 minutes).

                       Example:  le chat - miau miau
                                          le mouton - bé bé
    • EXTRA CREDIT: Read and listen to the story in French, The Ugly Duckling. Write 10 "farm" vocabulary words that you recognize and a brief description of the story in ENGLISH. (10-15 minutes)
    • If you have any questions, email Madame Garry at:(

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