Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Les présentations - Québec

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français 1 Madame Garry

For class on 10/12/17 instructions see below:

  • Please take attendance.
  • Hand out and have students complete the “Etoile du jour” worksheet.  They will write their own personal answers in French or English.  Have them pass into the “Les Devoirs” box when done. -15 minutes
  • Students may get a Chromebook to review the two vocabulary lists from this unit.  Instruct them to go to the blog (garryfrench1.blogspot.com) and click on the Quizlet tab once there.  - 20 minutes
  • After Quizlet, students should go to Flipgrid (also found on the blog, click on the tab, then enter class code garryfrench1) and record a video asking a question from the speaking assessment table found on cahier page 21- 15 minutes
  • Have students complete cahier page 23, by conjugating the following (8) regular -er verbs: regarder, surfer, téléphoner, adorer, danser, détester, chercher, donner - 20 minutes
  • Have students work on cahier page 18 and if not done with any of the above during the remaining class time.  Please let students know if not completed in class this will be homework.

For class on 10/13/17 instructions see below:

  • Please take attendance.
  • Have students go to the class blog (garryfrench1.blogspot.com).  Have them scroll down on the post page and click on the Infographique -see below here).  Please pass out the worksheet that they will complete to go along with the infographic.  Have them pass into the Les Devoirs box when done. - 35 minutes
  • Have students complete packet (cahier) page 14. - 15 minutes
  • Students will finish their story illustrations in groups that they started last week - the posters are located on the table next to my desk.  If done with this, the groups may play “Allez a la pêche/Go fish” with a deck of cards - as long as they play IN FRENCH :) -20 minutes
  • Students will finish watching TinTin (20 minutes remaining) and you may start this at 8:20am for A block, and about 9:50am for B Block.


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